Master Hoobee is the resident teacher in Oville, and the addition of his classroom adds 3 years of fully animated English curriculum to the Oville Experience.

Adding Master Hoobee’s Classroom to Oville gives your child a huge headstart on preschool and grades 1 - 3.

Master Hoobee’s Classroom curriculum is full-immersion and teacher-approved. It features animated and interactive lessons on the core subjects of spelling, reading, oral comprehension, and proper English enunciation.

Each lesson is part of a structured program that provides feedback on the student’s progress. Colours, shapes, plants, animals, emotions, body parts, and family members are just a few of the subjects that English learners will practice and be tested on in our virtual classroom.

Magic Mouth

Introducing Magic Mouth Enunciation!
Our innovative teaching system, where your child can watch and learn as all the words are carefully pronounced by a human mouth to perfect enunciation.

Lesson Games

Each lesson is reinforced by three custom designed exercise games to keep the learning fun and fresh, which studies prove is critical to motivate your child's learning.

Review & Reward

Includes weekly and module ending reviews to ensure comprehension and positive learning outcomes for your child.

Learning doesn't just happen in the Classroom, it continues everywhere in
Oville. After completing their daily lessons in the school, your child can
explore and use what they learned exploring the virtual world of Oville.