About I.D.E.A

At the turn of the last century the company that would dominate children’s entertainment for our lives began its amazing journey into 20th century new media. Disney set the standards for every type of media and product for kids. One hundred years later there are many new players on the scene and the industry is in a state of change that will recreate these standards.

This century’s new media is no longer just Disney’s domain. The doors are open for new competition yet very few companies are up to the task of creating quality multi-genre children’s educational entertainment rooted in solid intellectual properties. I.D.E.A. Inc is committed to restoring innocence in childhood entertainment while becoming the world’s leader in online education.

I.D.E.A’s roots in child entertainment began with the creation of our first intellectual property, the Learning World of Oville. We quickly expanded into new properties and early childhood education. Our English communications programs were launched in Asia to create an innovative ESL program.

I.D.E.A. Inc. is the future of education for young children and it is time to share this in new markets. Education models of the last century need to change. High tech digital access offer solutions to burgeoning class sizes, lack of qualified teachers and remote locations. Parents are asking for safe, ethical products to teach their children at home. In addition to the best method of teaching academics to young children, our online programs also offer solutions to many of today’s childhood issues including worries like bullying, study habits, online safety and obesity.

Digital technologies are creating a learning revolution in education. We know that we can transform not only how children learn, but also what they learn and with whom they learn. Digital options are providing an historic opportunity for fundamental and global-scale changes in children’s learning and education. Play-based and game-based learning create an environment where children can become absorbed in learning when they enter a flow state and are completely present and immersed in a task.

The Learning World of Oville and our first Curriculum based program, Master Hoobee’s English Language School are a safe and intuitive entry to digital learning for young children.