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Reinforce Learning with Oville World

Learning in Oville World is incidental. As your child explores and plays games, their academic, creative and critical thinking skills are honed.
Early introduction to life skills and learning to help others are also part of the Oville experience.


Numeracy is a fundamental life skill as important as literacy. Oville World introduces counting and early arithmetic through a variety of games that can be found in every house and throughout the community.


Oville World introduces children to beginner's art concepts. We explore basic colour theory and teach drawing. Every house includes a colouring book and at the Smelly Jelly Swamp they learn that red and yellow makes orange.


Oville World's library is full of books with read-along stories and alphabet activities. Enjoy the stories and adventures in Oville while increasing vocabulary and learning to read.

Throughout Oville World, the Word-Bar at the top of the screen displays and speaks the name of every object your child points at throughout the world. There are hundreds of new words to learn!


Oville World has a growing collection of original music that begins teaching your child the vast genres from around the world. Catchy sing-along songs bring reggae, calypso, jazz and rock to life.

Children will enjoy the bagpipes, the oboe and learn to compose or lay down their own beats.


Today's Oville includes over 30 educational games that include a variety of skills including visual logic, reasoning and problem solving.

Games that teach understanding of issues faced by persons with disabilities, early fire safety, planning a balanced diet or learning to recycle are only a few of the growing selection.


Every house in Oville has lessons to teach your child through games and activities. Today there are 10 houses constructed and waiting for visitors and the community plan includes over 50 to reinforce learning through new adventures.

Be sure to check out the firehouse to learn about fire safety, and Charitee's Variety House where visitors can play Ramp Builder and learn about people with disabilities.


Having a personalized avatar is always popular with little children. Before beginning adventures in Oville, children create and dress their own Cackpal.

As players complete more quests, doing good deeds, in Oville World, they earn more coins that teach about money, savings and allows them to purchase clothing and furniture in the general store.


Oville World is brought to life by our industry-leading team. Children will enjoy this ever-expanding world where clickables come to life.

As your children begin their adventures in Oville, we are continuing to develop new characters, houses and learning experiences.


Play-based and game-based learning create an environment where children can become absorbed in learning when they enter a flow state and are completely present and immersed in a task. I.D.E.A. has incorporated our first Curriculum based program, Master Hoobee's English Language School into Oville.

This is an entry to digital learning for young children to acquire English language communication skills. The Beginner's Program offers 100 brilliantly animated musical lessons, partnered with our copyrighted Magic Mouth that perfects pronunciation.

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