Discover the Learning World of Oville, land of imagination, learning, and fun

Learning and Fun are One!

Not only is Oville a fun and safe place for young children to play, there is a lot of learning that takes place along the way. Aside from almost everything in Oville being interactive and clickable, children can visit the library in the Town Round and get a jumpstart on reading. They can also work on their math skills, learn about the environment, do artistic activities and much more as they master basic computer skills such as mouse control and hand-eye coordination.

Numbers / Counting

Early numerancy is an important skill. Oville has several places where children can play as they practice counting and other math skills.

Letters and Words

Oville’s library is full of books with read-along stories and alphabeth activities. The Word-Bar at the top of the screen displays and speaks the name of objects the child points at throughout the

Physical Education

Fitness is an integral part of child’s development and in Oville our big blue bird insures no child sits idly on their computer for too long.

Puzzles / Logic Games

Every game is an opportunity for a child to learn effortlessly. More complex skills such as visual logic and reasoning are the focus of some the games in Oville.

Creativity and Art

Oville has several places and games where children learn art basics, such as colour theory, and have opportunities to express themselves creatively.


Many value-based lessons are being included as animated cartoons throughout Oville. Children will be taught kindness, honesty, tolerance, discipline and many more life skills.